With over 30 years of personal experience in the waste industry. New Freedom Resources, LLC. offers the most cost efficient and comprehensive alternatives in consolidation/packaging, transportation and disposal.

New Freedom Resources, LLC.
P.O. Box 1578
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

N.J. A901 Number: SW5573


  • LTL (Less than Truck Load) Drum Shipments
  • Full-Load Waste Transportation/Disposal
    • Hazardous Waste
      • Disposal processes are based on Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) pursuant to EPA requirements
    • Industrial and Non-Hazardous Waste
      • All Industrial and Non-Hazardous Wastes are either burned in Waste to Energy Incineration processes or sent to Subtitle D Secure Landfills.
      • Water Based Adhesives, Latex Paints, Water and Soy Based Inks, Resins and Polymers, Amines and much more
    • Universal Waste
      • Light Bulbs, Ballasts, A/C Units and Refrigerators, Computers, Printers, Monitors and much more
  • Electronic Manifesting
    • Effective June 30, 2018 – Hazardous Waste Only
  • Biannual Reporting
  • Waste Characterization and Lab testing
  • Beneficial Waste Re-Use and Drum Recycling
  • Profiles, Labels, Manifests and Certificates of Disposal provided
  • And much more. Contact us with questions.